Ebola and Virology

"Ebola virions" by See Source

“Ebola virions” by See Source

Amy and Adam are joined in studio again by season 1-2 host Ryan Collins, recently returned from fieldwork in Mexico. We turn our anthropological eye to the world of viruses and the recent outbreak of Ebola in three African countries. This microscopic world has potentially pandemic impacts as Ebola alters lives, communities, policies, and medicine. We untangle issues of mistrust, community build up and breakdown, international aid, infection, media coverage, and more!

Episode 38, Season 3. Aired 8/19/14

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Long Haul: The Lives of China’s Truckers w/ Rachel Katz

Long Haul by Rachel KatzJoin us for a special episode with guest researcher, consultant, and author Rachel Katz for an intimate look at the lives of Chinese truckers. Rachel’s work explores and brings together an exploration of how people live and work in contemporary China. Trucking is one of the most important, but understudied, forms of transit and economy in contemporary China. Rachel climbed aboard for six months, traveled with truckers, got to know their routes, their families, hardships and opportunities. We converse with Rachel about her experience doing ethnographic fieldwork as well as about larger issues of economics, transportation, family, gender, and more! Season 3 Episode 37 Aired 8/5/14


Check out www.rachel-katz.com and www.longhaulchina.com

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Tuesday, August 5
Long Haul: Trucking through China with Rachel Katz

Tuesday, August 12
The Newest (and Last?) Pandemic: Ebola and the world of Viruses

Tuesday, August 19
Choice Morsels: The Anthropology of Food

Tuesday, August 26
Humans as a Playful Species w/ Michael D’Angelo, host of Old School Game Show

Tuesday, September 2
Thirsty for a Drop: Water and Drought

Tuesday, September 9
Will the Real Dr. Jones Please Stand Up? Archaeological Fieldwork

Gold with Elizabeth Ferry
Genes, Genetics and Molecular Anthropology
We Need to Talk about Food Security


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Urban Cycling

512px-Cyclist-Cologne-475Episode 36, Season 3, Aired 7/29/14

Urban cycling is both a global and local phenomenon. From Boston to Bombay to Beijing, bike cultures differ across the globe but bring many people together for commuting, recreation, exercise, work, activism, and pleasure. Join Adam and Aneil with returning guest Ben Gebo, an avid urban cyclist for a fascinating conversation exploring the world of urban cycling. We travel to Amsterdam, Mumbai, Boston, Beijing, Los Angeles, Bombay and more to ask questions about prestige, class, access, sustainability, transportation, urban infrastructure and development and more!  Get it on iTunes here


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“Access Denied: Protests, Urban Green Spaces, and Changing Transportation” Online now!

no-signEpisode 35, Season 3. Aired 7/22/14

From Access Denied to Transforming Access, numerous cases of the re-appropriation of space from occupy protesters to Shock Top beer fests, cars to bikes, city spaces and pavement to guerrilla gardens, join us as we delve further into the world of space and ask tough questions about who has the right and power to claim and change space, and who does this exclude?

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Lost in Space: From the Universe to the Space Between Atoms

Season 3, Episode 34

Galaxy_ESO_570-19_and_Star_UW_Crateris-Phot-14b-06This week Aneil and Adam tackle Space in all of its complexity and multi forms, from the universe to the space between atoms we will dive into the numerous connotations of space. We explore outer space, inner space, city space, atomic space, and even cyberspace. How is it that the idea of space can be so flexible yet still retain the power to define and shape our thinking?

Aired 7/15/14

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Stress Test w/ Guest Luke Hanlin

"Worried People 2" by Bhernandez from miami, Wikimedia Commons

“Worried People 2″ by Bhernandez from miami, Wikimedia Commons

Episode 33, Season 3

Feeling Stressed? Join Aneil and special Guest Luke Hanlin, Psychology PhD student, as they discuss the psychology of stress and the human capacity to deal with stress in a variety of ways.

Aired  7/8/14

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Reproducing Rights and Wrongs: Personhood, Religious and Reproductive Freedoms, Gender, and SCOTUS

Artgate_Fondazione_Cariplo_-_Canova_Antonio,_Allegoria_della_GiustiziaEpisode 32, Season 3

Special Episode on the Supreme Court’s rulings over religious freedom and freedom of speech.

On this week’s episode we take on 5 recent and ongoing court cases that deal with first amendment rights of freedom of speech, reproductive rights, gender and bodies including the Supreme Court rulings that close corporations that label themselves for-profit may deny contraceptive health care that they deem a burden to their religious beliefs, the ban on the 35-foot buffer zone outside Massachusetts Planned Parenthood buildings, gun laws and more! We dive into corporate personhood, freedom of speech and religion, gender, bodies, emotions, individuality versus collectivity and more! Keeping pace with last week, this episode is one of our most jam packed yet! You don’t want to miss this!

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The Beautiful Game: World Cup 2014


Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Episode 31, Season 3, Aired 6/24/14


Gooooooooooolllllll!!!!! Today we turn our anthropological lens towards the most popular sport in the world and perhaps the most global sporting competition in human history, the World Cup, this year in Brazil. We travel from a favela decorated bar in Milwaukee to actual favelas in Brazil to tackle the commodification of culture and the divorce of culture from economic inequality based around world attention on Brazil.  We discuss the local impact of regional and global policies including squatter’s rights and police action against protesters. We cover street protests and graffiti as radical forms of public inclusion to raise questions about who and what does (and doesn’t) get represented when the world’s eyes are turned towards Brazil. From questions of sustainability to the role sports play in the human psyche, this is one of our most jam packed episodes yet! You don’t want to miss it!

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