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iPhone, Therefore I am.

iPhone, Therefore I am.
With the yearly release of new mobile phones, companies like Apple and Samsung have to sell the idea that we need a new device. With the release of wearable peripherals like Google Glass and Apple Watch, information communication technologies (ICTs) are becoming seemingly more personal. But are they? Will Near Field Communication (NFC) tech c [...]

Special Episode: Police Militarizatio...

Special Episode: Police Militarization, Race, Trust, Violence and Ferguson, MO
Join Amy, Ryan, Aneil and Adam and special guest Delande Justinvil for an important episode of This Anthropological Life as we take head-on the complex issues of race in the United States, security, law enforcement and police brutality. Episode 40 Police Militarization, Violence, Race, Trust and Ferguson, MO w/ Delande Justinvil. Recorded 9/3 [...]

Humans as a Playful Species w/ Michae...

Humans as a Playful Species w/ Michael D’Angelo, Host of Old School Game Show
Join us for our funnest episode yet! Amy, Aneil, Ryan and Adam Exploring humans as a playful species through the world of gameshows, trivia, and popular culture – from TV to Movies and Music. Michael D’Angelo is the writer, producer, host, and star of the hilarious Old School Game Show which is a mixture of gameshow, alt trivia, p [...]

The Burning Man Experience w/ Ben Geb...

The Burning Man Experience w/ Ben Gebo Part 2!
Ben Gebo Photography Join us for our first ever extended conversation, part of our new “This Anthropological Life After Hours” extended episode series. On occasion we will keep the conversation going well after our regular show time to bring you even more in depth content, conversation, and context. Ben was kind enough to be our f [...]

The Burning Man Experience w/ Ben Geb...

The Burning Man Experience w/ Ben Gebo
Episode 41, Season 4 Join Adam, Aneil, and Ryan with returning guest expert and commentator Ben Gebo as we dive into the rabbit hole of Burning Man. Ben recently returned from the Burn, and we recount his experiences with you and explore notions of how we as humans make culture, counter-cultures, alternative socialites, and more! Aired 9/8/14 [...]

New Show Time for Season 4 of This An...

New Show Time for Season 4 of This Anthro Life! Premiering Sept 1 @ 11 am EST
Hi everyone! We’re coming back to you after a few weeks’ break and gearing up for our best season yet! Our new show time is Mondays at 11-12 EST on our regular partner station WBRS. Subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, and coming to more sources! To kick off Season 4, join us September 1st for an incredibly i [...]

Ebola and Virology

Ebola and Virology
“Ebola virions” by See Source Episode 38, Season 3 Amy and Adam are joined in studio again by season 1-2 host Ryan Collins, recently returned from fieldwork in Mexico. We turn our anthropological eye to the world of viruses and the recent outbreak of Ebola in three African countries. This microscopic world has potentially pandemic [...]

Long Haul: The Lives of China’s...

Long Haul: The Lives of China’s Truckers w/ Rachel Katz
Episode 37, Season 3 Join us for a special episode with guest researcher, consultant, and author Rachel Katz for an intimate look at the lives of Chinese truckers. Rachel’s work explores and brings together an exploration of how people live and work in contemporary China. Trucking is one of the most important, but understudied, forms of [...]

Check out TaL Upcoming Episodes and a...

Check out TaL Upcoming Episodes and add us to  your calendar!
As we look forward to Season 4 check out some of the awesome episodes we have coming up to please your ears and tickle your brains! Subscribe to This Anthropological Life Episode schedule to always be up to date with what’s next! All episodes air 1 pm Eastern, and you can now listen live on thisanthrolife! Tuesday, August 5 Long Haul: T [...]

Urban Cycling

Urban Cycling
Episode 36, Season 3, Aired 7/29/14 Urban cycling is both a global and local phenomenon. From Boston to Bombay to Beijing, bike cultures differ across the globe but bring many people together for commuting, recreation, exercise, work, activism, and pleasure. Join Adam and Aneil with returning guest Ben Gebo, an avid urban cyclist for a fascin [...]

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