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The World According to Quinoa: Interv...

The World According to Quinoa: Interview w/ Adam Gamwell

Today we dive into the world of food! Come hungry as we introduce the world of food studies and explore the changing roles and meaning food has had over the millennia, and how we can explore ways to fight local hunger and global food insecurity, all through the research lens of TaL co-host and creator […]

How Humans Cope

How Humans Cope

How do humans cope in the face of uncertainty, challenges, and trauma. Join your friendly neighborhood co-hosts Adam and Ryan as we explore coping across time, scales and space! From the individual to the cosmos, we find connections and gaps in how we as humans find ways to cope with the unknown, the troubling, and […]

Genderless Gingerbread Figures and th...

Genderless Gingerbread Figures and the Custom of Costumes

Ryan and Adam explore genderless gingerbread cookies in Australia – do these cookies reveal something about shifting gender paradigms? Also, we explore a bit about how and why we wear costumes. It may not be Halloween here in the United States, but this doesn’t mean we only wear costumes once a year! Episode 47 Part of […]

Ebola: The Passion and the Politics, ...

Ebola: The Passion and the Politics, Episode 2

Join us for part two in our series on Ebola. This episode we discuss recent moves and displays by journalists and media outlets to cover various parts of the Ebola epidemic, the use of Ebola as a trope in political culture, and fear and hope in the face of a global virus. Ebola and Virology, […]

The Happiness Fetish

The Happiness Fetish

What kinds of things make us happy? How does happiness inhere in objects or how to we use objects to display our happiness? In this episode we explore how happiness is ranked and measured across the globe, commodities and our attachments to them, and how we imagine happiness. Episode 45 Podcast: Play in new […]

Photo Gallery Now Online!

Photo Gallery Now Online!

Check out our new photo gallery! We’re happy to add another visual component to our Podcast project! See us in action! Who knows, maybe one day we’ll put out some video-casts! Click the image to the left or this link to check it out!  

Ecologies of Happiness

Ecologies of Happiness

Smile! What is the relationship of happiness to place? What is the where of happiness? In part one of our series on happiness, we explore happiness as a place-based phenomenon.   Episode 44 Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Happy World Food Day! Celebrate with ...

Happy World Food Day! Celebrate with TaL as we revisit one of the greatest world foods: Beer!

Join TaL as we celebrate the libation that some claim made civilization possible – beer! We will cover some of the historical uses of beer, its changing meaning over time, the development of taste, and perhaps even share a few ancient recipes! From contemporary hipster cans to drinks of ancient Egyptian Pharaohs you don’t want […]

iPhone, Therefore I am.

iPhone, Therefore I am.

With the yearly release of new mobile phones, companies like Apple and Samsung have to sell the idea that we need a new device. With the release of wearable peripherals like Google Glass and Apple Watch, information communication technologies (ICTs) are becoming seemingly more personal. But are they? Will Near Field Communication (NFC) tech change […]

Special Episode: Police Militarizatio...

Special Episode: Police Militarization, Race, Trust, Violence and Ferguson, MO

Join Amy, Ryan, Aneil and Adam and special guest Delande Justinvil for an important episode of This Anthropological Life as we take head-on the complex issues of race in the United States, security, law enforcement and police brutality. Episode 40 Police Militarization, Violence, Race, Trust and Ferguson, MO w/ Delande Justinvil. Recorded 9/3/14 Podcast: […]

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