Welcome back listeners! Adam and Ryan have taken some time away as of late to finish and defend their dissertations. Now that Ryan is done, and Adam defends in just one week (so close!), TAL is getting back into gear with new content in the development and production stages. Now, another key detail, several episodes recorded earlier this spring are also on their way. Some of these are guest interviews (including a second interview with Hamilton Morris of HBO’s VICE and Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia) as well as the remainder of our Story Slamming Ethnography episodes (we haven’t forgotten about those). All that is to say, there is an extensive repertoire of content coming your way, including an upcoming collaboration with EPIC. Speaking of…

With this episode of This Anthro Life, we are joined by Dr. Alexandra Mack and collaborative guest host Matt Artz. Together we interview Alex and explore her story. What makes our discussion with Alex so distinct is her breadth of research and applications of anthropological thinking that has resulted in a unique narrative and career trajectory. Alex’s story is a good lesson for anyone who studies anthropology or is broadly interested in the social sciences, and the impact this kind of work can have across industries. One of the inspiring moments we explore in our conversation with Alex took place towards the end of her doctorate while at a AAA conference. A software and digital agency called E-lab had an open house and something clicked with her… We will leave you to explore the episode to find out more. But, what is captivating about Alex’s epiphany moment and career transformation was that she began with Near Eastern museum collections, went to archaeology, and explored pilgrimage before developing her current interests.

Today, Alex leads innovative problem solving and strategy development based on a deep understanding of the surrounding culture and activities. She has brought this combination of customer-centered design, innovation, market research, opportunity identification, and business planning to projects including health care, retail, software, and financial services. Additionally, Alex was a Senior Fellow in Pitney Bowes’s Strategic Technology and Innovation Center. Prior to her work with Pitney Bowes, Alex spent several years consulting in marketing, design, and strategic research. From 2011-2017 she served on the Executive Board of EPIC.

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