Live Events

October 9-12, 2019
Sound Education
WBUR + Boston University
Cambridge, MA

Sound Education is a 4-day event at Harvard University for educational and academic podcasters and radio hosts, and their listeners. It is hosted by Ministry of Ideas, a podcast based at Harvard Divinity School. Click here to register.

Adam will be hosting and moderating a panel on “The Hidden Power of Social Sciences for Radio and Podcasting” and a live episode of TAL! with guest Ray Belli called Tonal Words: Indian Classical Music Oral Tradition meets American Drums

June 29, 2019
Intelligent Speech Conference
Centre for Social Innovation, Chelsea, NY

TAL’s Adam Gamwell will be giving TWO sessions during this all-day podcasters conference, Podcasting 101 and Ethnographic + Podcasting. Plus there are a TON of other great podcasters, intelligent conversations, and media talks going on!

Use the promo code “anth” for 5% off your ticket price! Tickets Here: https://www.intelligentspeechconference.com/shop/

Check out the full list below:

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