Science…Podcasts…with our powers combined!

We’ve partnered with our friends over at March for Science to bring some of our listener-favorite science focused episodes of This Anthro Life together for the first time in effort raise awareness and support for the March. As social scientists who use scientific methods and research as the foundation of our work of understanding human biology and cultural change and variation, we believe deeply in the need for science advocacy and more public science.

We’ll be featuring fan-favorite episodes here, and are hard at work on some great new science advocacy episodes.

If you want to show your support, March for Science is offering an awesome Capsule Collection that lets you own a piece of history. You can pick up some awesome swag like hoodies, t-shirts, and baby onesies, plus signed copies of the landmark Science Not Silence book. There’s a list of links below, each one will nab you 20% of the associated swag. Sweet!

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If you want to donate to March for Science, you can do so here. OR if you become a Patron of This Anthro Life on Patreon or Anchor in February, we will donate all funds we receive to the March. So please help us out – you’re supporting science advocacy, independent podcasting, public science, and, hey, you look great in that new hoodie.

This week’s episode features March for Science Co-Organizer Valorie Aquino. To read more about the episode and Valorie’s work, click here.

Check out the first featured Public Science-Centric episode “The Awe is Shared: Evolution and Public Science” with Andrea Eller and read more about Museum work and Andrea Eller here.