This Anthro Life is a conversational and interview podcast exploring humanity’s creative potential through design, culture, design and technology.

Join anthropologist Adam Gamwell and friends as they venture into the countless possibilities encountered in everyday global life, from the designed world, future hopes, and myths of how things came to be. A production of Missing Link Studios in Boston, MA.

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Emojis & Hieroglyphics Will Emojis be the death of writing? Are emojis modern day hieroglyphs? Is the increased use of emojis in textual conversations a sign of the end of language as we know it? We discuss the origin of emojis as well as the importance of actively seeking to understand the hidden biases of language.

The Happiness Fetish What kinds of things make us happy? How does happiness inhere in objects or how to we use objects to display our happiness?

Who makes the show?

Dr. Adam Gamwell

Host + Executive Producer

Design Anthropologist +
Digital Producer
Co-Founder of Missing Link Studios

Dr. Adam Gamwell is a Design Anthropologist, ethnographic podcaster and co-founder of Missing Link Studios, a social impact storytelling and analytics agency. He has been a podcaster since 2013 when he created This Anthro Life and began experimenting by mixing audio, storytelling and anthropology. He especially enjoys producing and consulting for individuals and organizations who wish to spread public benefit through media. 

Adam has been hosting and executive producing This Anthro Life from the beginning (way back in 2013). Curious about all things human, he’s a Design Anthropologist, a digital producer, a college-level educator, user experience researcher and designer.

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What our Listeners Say…

Anthropology and podcasts – two of my favorite things! Super helpful to have a media for the masses that talks about such important things. Highly recommended

Katrina z, long time listener

In the past 25 years I’ve taken undergrad and grad classes in anthro, I’ve read a lot of anthro books (including editing 7 of them), I exhibit books every year at AAA, and only after listening to TAL do I really understand how anthropologists THINK.

Major, major shout-out to @
. I’ve been binging and it’s GREAT. These guys get what’s wrong with anthropology these days while still emphasizing what’s oh-so-right about it. They’re the counter.

Don, Long time listener

So interesting to hear about the wide range of work. Presented in a way that is accessible. Given the troubled times we find ourselves in, this kind of analysis (in-depth, thoughtful and carefully explained) is worthwhile!

iTunes Review

Wow! Thought Provoking. Very well done. Informative & Substantial. I listen to each one

iTunes Review

I’m an anthropologist myself and it’s hard to keep up to date with the debates since I’m not in academia. This show is a good way to do just that. Additionally, it matches insightful and sometimes theoretical conversations with contemporary conversations in a way that is a breeze to listen to. Keep it coming!

iTunes Review